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Mediation is an informal, voluntary, confidential facilitated discussion involving two or more participants in a conflict. The purpose of mediation is to give the parties involved an opportunity to reach a greater understanding of the underlying issues and work toward a resolution.

Trained, impartial mediators help guide the conversation and facilitate communication to enable the parties to share their stories and listen to one another. Ultimately the participants have sole discretion over creating and implementing any agreements moving forward. Mediation works best when participants are willing to share their perspectives in a respectful way as well as listen to the other’s perspective.

Mediation is a voluntary process and requires that both/all participants first meet individually once or twice with an Ombuds to discuss their concerns and prepare for a mediated discussion. At any point in this process, participants may opt out, and the Ombuds reserves the right not to move forward with a mediation if they believe it might not be a helpful next step.  

To learn more about mediation with the Ombuds Office, please call the Ombuds Office at (530) 754-7233.

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