Resources Regarding Student Conduct Issues and Grievances

Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs administers the student disciplinary system at UC Davis, and also serves as a resource for informal resolution of student grievances.  TOffice of Student Support and Judicial Affairs also able to provide guidance on a variety of student life issues, including landlord-tenant disputes.

Codes of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures

Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students (PACAOS) is the University of California system-wide policy concerning student conduct and discipline, developed by the University of California Office of the President.  The policy provides campus chancellors the authority to create policies to impose discipline for certain behaviors and to create appropriate procedures to determine whether and how such discipline should be imposed.

UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct specifies the responsibilities of students, faculty and administrators on issues of academic integrity.  The Code specifies how alleged violations should be reported and the procedures in place to resolve the alleged violation.  Comprehensive information about the disciplinary process is provided on the Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) website, including a helpful Summary of the Discipline Process.

UC Davis School of Medicine Medical Student Policy Handbook is an official web-based document on policies of the UC Davis School of Medicine, including a student code of conduct.

Policies and Procedures for Complaints by Students

The Student Judicial Affairs website provides helpful information concerning student rights and grievances.  The Ombuds Office recommends that students consult the website if considering whether to file a grievance against another community member at UC Davis.

Complaint for faculty misconduct, APM-015/UCD-015

Complaint for misconduct by lecturers or teaching assistants, APM-150

A student academic appointee not covered by a collective bargaining agreement may grieve matters related to their academic appointment.  APM 140/UCD 140

Complaint for improper governmental activities (Whistleblower and Whistleblower Retaliation Complaints), PPM Section 380-17. For a listing of other UC Davis resources to report unethical behavior and for advice on ethical issues, visit the Ethics at UC Davis website.

For personnel policies and procedures concerning complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment, see the resources presented in this website under the section title Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Disability Management Resources.