Appointment Issues and Resources

Postdoctoral Scholars Website This UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies website provides postdoc appointment, benefits and bargaining unit information and a link to Grad Pathways, a professional development program for UC Davis graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

Postdoctoral Scholars Association  The Postdoctoral Scholars Association (PSA) provides resources, information and representation for postdoctoral scholars on the UC Davis campus and strives to create a stronger sense of community through an e-mail listserv, website and social activities.  The PSA website includes a Postdoctoral Scholar’s Mentoring Checklist and professional development resources.

Collective Bargaining Units and Agreements System wide and UC Davis collective bargaining agreements.

Personnel Policy Manuals

Academic Personnel Manual (APM) The Academic Personnel Manual (APM) includes University-wide policies and UC Davis policies and procedures. University-wide policies, developed and issued by the UC Office of the President, are preceded by the letters "APM." UC Davis policies and procedures, developed by the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, are preceded by the letters "UCD.”  APM 390 is the policy that defines and sets forth terms and conditions relating to the appointment of postdoctoral scholars.

UC Davis Policies & Procedures Manual The official source for UC Davis policies and implementing procedures. Policies apply to all units under the jurisdiction of UC Davis--whether located in Davis, in Sacramento, or at off-site locations--unless otherwise noted.

UC Davis Health System Policies and Procedures Policies specific to the UC Davis Health System, including policies related to medical staff.

Policies and Procedures for Postdoc Complaints

Grievances filed by a postdoctoral scholar, APM 390-40.

Complaints for faculty misconduct, APM-015, UCD-015

Complaints for improper governmental activities (Whistleblower and Whistleblower Retaliation Complaints), PPM Section 380-17. For a listing of other UC Davis resources to report unethical behavior and for advice on ethical issues, click here.

For personnel policies and procedures concerning complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment, see the resources presented in this website under the section title Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Disability Management Resources.