Employment Issue Resources

Academic Affairs serves as the central personnel office for current and future academic employees of UC Davis.  Academic Affairs provides training and development for department chairs and faculty, supports academic leaders such as department chairs, associate deans and deans with academic management issues including conflict, performance and risk management, provides orientation programs for new faculty on campus practices, policies and resources, oversees faculty recruitments and retentions, manages grievances and investigations involving academic appointees, administers sabbaticals and other academic leaves, analyzes and tracks data on academic personnel actions and compensation, and facilitates awards for outstanding faculty achievement.  The Academic Affairs website is a comprehensive resource on UC Davis employment issues for academic appointees, including contact information for Academic Affairs personnel, and specific resources for academic federation and academic senate members, deans and chairs. 

Collective Bargaining Units and Agreements
System-wide and UC Davis collective bargaining agreements.

Personnel Policy Manuals

Academic Personnel Manual (APM) The Academic Personnel Manual (APM) includes University-wide policies and UC Davis policies and procedures. University-wide policies, developed and issued by the UC Office of the President, are preceded by the letters "APM." UC Davis policies and procedures, developed by the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, are preceded by the letters "UCD.”

UC Davis Policies & Procedures Manual The official source for UC Davis policies and implementing procedures. Policies apply to all units under the jurisdiction of UC Davis--whether located in Davis, in Sacramento, or at off-site locations--unless otherwise noted.

UC Davis Health System Policies and Procedures Policies specific to the UC Davis Health System, including policies related to medical staff.

Policies and Procedures for Complaints by Faculty and Other Academics

Complaint by an Academic Senate member that the member's rights or privileges have been violated, Privilege and Tenure: Divisional Committees—Grievance Cases, Senate Bylaw 335

Complaint by an eligible non-Senate academic appointee that alleges that a specific administrative act was arbitrary or capricious and adversely affected the appointee’s terms or conditions of appointment, and/or that a violation of applicable University rules, regulations, or Academic Personnel policies occurred which adversely affected the appointee’s terms or conditions of appointment, Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Grievances, APM 140/UCD 140

Complaint for faculty misconduct, APM-015, UCD-015

Complaint for improper governmental activities (Whistleblower and Whistleblower Retaliation Complaints), PPM Section 380-17. For a listing of other UC Davis resources to report unethical behavior and for advice on ethical issues, click here.

For personnel policies and procedures concerning complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment, see the resources presented in this website under the section title Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Disability Management Resources.